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The more skills you list, the more chance you have of finding a work opportunity. How can I find work? How can I hire people immediately? Create a Free Account Email. Forgot Password? Log In. In fact, a military oriented mindset for the country was present right from its birth.

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Mars wants the rule of army. Pakistan in its total history from has seen very long spells of military rule. Venus in the 4th house wants the rule of religion because Venus or Sukracharya the Guru of Rahu will push his disciple to acquire more power.

Few can even act as proxy-PMs by making statements, controlling mass psychologies in the name of religion. The Mahadasa of Venus for Pakistan was between During that time, religious extremists have taken over. In Vedic astrology Venus gets directional strength in the northern direction. The worst fear in the current scenario is that Rahu and Mars both are having a say in the polity of Pakistan.

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Venus works through Rahu in acquisition of power for fundamentalists. Mars will intervene in the process, pointing towards re-imposition of military rule soon. Affliction of Venus with Saturn and Sun will make women of the country suffer. This is when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

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There will be attempts to curb their independence and push them to insignificant positions. However, as Venus signifies women also in Vedic astrology, women will rise to prominence in some parts of the country but as rebellions. Ketu also plays a significant role in terrorism and militancy. Transiting Ketu will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius during indicating clandestine rule of militancy and its influence on the polity of Pakistan. But the real problem Imran will face is that of a war with his neighboring country India in and some very big diplomatic crisis with USA and Iran.

In the Sagittarius lagna horoscope of Imran Khan the Saturn from the 10th house and the Mars from the ascendant aspect the 7th house of war and foreign diplomacy. On the 18 th of August the Panchang elements were not very supportive when Imran took the oath of office. But the rising sign Libra is Vargottama with a beautiful Gaja Kesari yoga in the ascendant.

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The 11 th lord Sun in own house is showing gains and impressive image of the government. Now see the horoscope of Imran Khan and Pakistan for more in-depth analysis of this historic event and about the fate of the new government. In the Dhanu lagna horoscope of Imran Khan the beautiful Raja Yoga of the 5th lord Mars in the ascendant in exchange with the lagan lord Jupiter in the 5th house has given him a charismatic personality and ethical conduct in public life. Imran Khan as a cricket captain won the world cup for his country in when he was under Mars-Jupiter dasha in Vimshottari.

The maha dasha of Mars to had made him a big hero in Pakistan. During this Mars dasha he also collected donations around the world to construct a cancer hospital in the name of his deceased mother. No one in Pakistan had taken him seriously in his early years of politics. But in the general elections of during his Rahu-Mars dasha his party Tehreek-e-Insaf came at the third position in the national assembly. Now the Imran has reached at the helm of affairs of his country thanks to the favorable Jupiter-Saturn in Vimshottari running in his Sagittarius lagna horoscope.

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Jupiter is with Moon in the 5th house which is the lord of 8th house and it is in mutual aspect with 6th and 11th lord Venus. It shows the hidden support of army to Imran and the controversies surrounding his victory. The 8th house is the house of conspiracy and 6th house shows the controversies. In year it was only Imran who was alleging the victory of Nawaz Sharif due to poll rigging no other political party had supported his stand.

Mars in the ascendant of Rashi, Navamsha and Dashamsha of Imran Khan also indicate the he will aggressively deal with the corrupt political establishment of the country. The sub period lord Mercury is Vargottama. Mercury as the 7th and 10th lord is with 9th lord Sun is in a great Raja Yoga.