New moon december 2 astrology

If you want to know what to expect in , pay attention to what happens this month. We had a very long Mars retrograde challenging us through the summer.

What Does the New Moon in Sagittarius Mean?

When Mars finally went direct, Venus started her retrograde in October. And then again, when Venus went direct, believe it or not, one day later, Mercury went retrograde. But on December 6 Mercury goes direct and with this, the retrograde saga is over! We need to take time to work on ourselves and improve our lives on a regular basis. Hence, the retrogrades. There is such thing as enough introspection and enough revision.

Sometimes all we need is to move on, and to have the Universe on our side. Sometimes all we need is smooth sailing. December is such a month. December is the best time to dream big and envision a new reality for yourself. We have a lot of Jupiter and Neptune energy in December. Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius for a month now, inviting you to dream big and explore new courses of action. In fact, not only Jupiter is in its own sign, but in December we also have 3 weeks of Sun in Sagittarius, a wonderful Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, and a New Moon in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the archer who shoots to the stars. In the same way, Sagittarius season is your time to dream big and send your intentions to the universe. Another energy that influences December is Pisces.

Moon Phases: How Does The New Moon Affect Us?

Neptune , the ruling planet of Pisces, makes a record number of aspects, including a conjunction with Mars, which only happens once every two years , a square to Mercury, a square to the Sun, and a trine to Venus. The role of Neptune is to dissolve your current reality, in order for a new reality to emerge.

Neptune is the planet of the cosmos, and its role is to regularly update our earthy view of reality, with the multi-faceted, high-vibration reality of the Universe. Neptune, the god of water, represents the potential that opens up to us when we acknowledge we are just a drop of water, and consciously throw ourselves into the ocean of endless possibilities. But the higher knowledge, the higher love, the higher gifts that come when we surrender to the ocean come only when you completely open yourself to new ways of being or doing.

December is a time to dissolve old structures, old ways of being and doing. In January , in the Capricorn season, you will build new foundations for the future. But now is the time to dream big, bigger than ever, and open yourself up to a completely different reality. Will you wait and see? Or will you take real action to change your life?

For the sake of Jupiter in Sagittarius, no more of repeating the same old. On December 2nd, Venus re enters Scorpio. No more drama. No more karmic excuses. Just pure Goddess energy. This is the first kick of Neptune energy in December. The Sun is you. This Moon is in Sagittarius decan 2, which is ruled by the Moon and Mars. Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology , considers this decan:. This decan contains some stars in the snake charmer of Ophiuchus. Sabik is problematic generally, so the lunar energy makes it hard for us to clarify truth from fiction.

Sagittarius New Moon – December , : Home Planet Astrology

What is certain though, is the ability to conjure up fanciful stories! Maybe the fiction contains an element of truth that is eternal, like a myth. The Moon has some dignity in Sagittarius decan 2. One of its unique abilities in this position is to unify disparate elements together in order to fulfill a specific goal. Moon in Sagittarius 2 is rather like a blinkered horse.

Your November Yoga Astrology Forecast: Here’s What to Expect This Month

Over the years, astrologers have devised systems to assign meaning to each degree of the Zodiac. Natural instincts feed on the reactions, and often perversions, of the socially conditioned mind-ego. Medieval Arab astrologers called these lunar signs the Lunar Mansions. Seek answers to questions.

Perform tasks that require concentration. What will they inspire us to do. Of course, the New Moon is perfect for new starts so one need to clear the space for healthy new influences to enter. M y forecast foresees giving into the energies — and running with them:. To indulge and gamble and laugh — especially when we tumble and end up on our backsides. Kathryn Andren, The Love Astrologer , advises taking a higher path. Consider how do I know what I know?

What is The Truth?

What is true for me? Be open to new adventures and discovering possibilities. Kathy Biehl has been explaining astrology to the mainstream since slipping a sun sign column into her high school newspaper in the Bible Belt. Her consultations, forecasts and commentaries blend humor, an encyclopedic knowledge of culture both high and pop and diverse life experience as an attorney, journalist, small business owner and performing artist.

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This Month's New Moon Wants You To Take A Risk

Bright lights, Big sky Are you chomping at the bit? Ready to push out walls and live large? Arik Xander , says: This New Moon is occurring at 15 degrees Sagittarius, which is the peak of the sign. My forecast explains: A square is a hard aspect that demands action, and Mars is the guy to deliver. The results could be deflating. You may also like. Kathy Biehl Kathy Biehl has been explaining astrology to the mainstream since slipping a sun sign column into her high school newspaper in the Bible Belt.

View all posts. Winter's not quite here, so for now, we're all just soaking in the good vibes while the sun is in the energetic and excitable sign of Sagittarius — where the moon will join it on Dec. The December new moon will crest in the happy-go-lucky sign of Sag, our zodiac's resident fiery shoot-for-the-stars archer. That said, there are some rough aspects to this moon, as both Mars and Neptune have gotten involved and created an astrological mini-tsunami for us to navigate ourselves through.

What's a luminary without a bit of lunar-fueled drama anyway though, right?

So let's rewind. We're still low-key recovering from that last Thanksgiving full moon in Gemini during which my usually-conflict-allergic Libra self managed to offend no less than four people at a family gathering, one of which ended up in tears.

That moon was intense, because it was in hard aspect with Mars the planet of war , which had our tempers running high and our mouths running wild. Well, two weeks later, and Mars is still chillin' there — and still wildly provoking our dearest Luna. To boot, he's been joined in a conjunction with Neptune, planet of dreams and illusions, which sprinkles a whole bunch of confusion over the whole mess.

Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust to get her take on this moon's vibes: "The Sagittarius New Moon marks a new beginning for everyone, but not without frustrations and setbacks," shares Stardust. All in all, the current vibe "adds a sinister, underhand influence to the aggression, sexuality and nastiness of Mars in hard aspect," according to Astrology King.

Mars is steroid-y enough as-is — it's masculine, action-driven, and aggressive — so we're going to have to really watch how we channel our frustrations, tempers, and sexual energy during this moon.

New Moon in Sagittarius & Mercury Direct! Dec 2-8 2018 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Given that illusion-prone planet Neptune will also be squaring the moon, we also need to be careful of being tricked or deceived — or doing so to others. Trust me, not a good time for all that. As Stardust noted, though, this moon marks a new beginning nonetheless. There's still room for growth — it's just a matter of finding healthy ways to express yourself and relate to others.